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Financial Planning Solutions for Small Business Owners
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What We Do For You

Identifying the right plan for your business can be an intimidating and complex task. There are several ways to optimize your retirement plan to achieve your goals, but there is a large amount of information to review, compliance requirements to adhere to, and choices to make about how your employees will participate. The paperwork, variety of plan options, and confusing ERISA laws are less intimidating, if you have a solid partner to depend on.

Providing Retirement Security to Employers & Employees

Independent Recordkeeping can help you set up and manage your company retirement plan, whether it is a 401(k), SEP, Roth, SIMPLE, or Individual 401(k). We have a passion for learning about our clients’ goals, teaching the principles of sound financial planning, and providing tax-optimized investment advice to business owners and their employees.

Independent Recordkeeping Services has been helping consumers and business owners through Financial Advisors Network, Inc. plan for retirement since 1999. Our passion shows in our investment recommendations, recordkeeping accuracy, and our prompt and friendly service.

A Comfortable Retirement Isn’t Out of Reach

Our firm helps your employees prepare their finances for retirement. We will give you the tools you need to create and manage your business’ retirement program. We will also educate your employees about financial planning and the options they have to make themselves financially secure in the future.

We Have Solutions for Your Employees’ Financial Planning Concerns

Let us make it easy for you

Rules surrounding qualified plans can be complex, overwhelming, and a burden on your time – we can relieve that burden and work with you on what matters most: saving for retirement and having a strong incentive (retirement plan) for employees to stay with you.

Professional Investment Management

Financial education for officers and employees is paramount in understanding how to generate enough income to retire. Our financial advisors at Financial Advisors Network, Inc. are licensed Accredited Investment Fiduciaries® that provide advice and education that is in the best interest of our clients.

Knowledge & Resources

Advisors at Financial Advisors Network (FAN) are available to discuss qualified plan options, your retirement, and other financial planning goals. FAN is a full-service investment advisory firm that integrates investment, tax, estate planning, and qualified plan recordkeeping services all in one place. We proudly offer educational classes for owners and their employees.

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Contact our firm today if you’re interested in using our financial planning services for your business. We look forward to working with you.