Professional Investment Management

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Most people have three burning questions when they think about retiring:

  1. Do I have enough money to retire?
  2. How much income do I need to retire and how long will it last?
  3. Where will my retirement income come from?

Since 1999, Financial Advisors Network (FAN) has been helping clients answer these questions. Through its network of CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary) Advisors, and CPAs, FAN takes special care to effectively integrate investment and tax planning, for their clients. When it comes to retirement plans, there is so much to navigate that it makes sense to have accredited fiduciaries managing your company retirement plan processes.

Network Approach

In addition to aiding business owners with their company retirement plans, FAN takes a network approach to financial planning. FAN provides comprehensive wealth strategies including investment management, retirement distribution planning, tax planning and management, estate planning, and various insurance and risk management strategies. All of these moving parts need to be working together and reviewed on a consistent basis, just like they do with you partners managing your company retirement plan. FAN believes that monitoring financial plans and investments with this comprehensive picture in mind is the only way to stay on track with an optimal financial plan, for any life event or scenario.

FAN’s Process

FAN Takes great care to understand our clients; lifestyles, wishes, goals, and family dynamics. After they develop a thorough understanding, a detailed plan is constructed that is specific to clients’ wealth management needs and life goals.


When you work with one point of contact to manage all of your 401(k) needs, there is a single service provider that is accountable to you. Our team and network of 401(k) partners work in a fiduciary capacity, directly for your benefit and the benefit of your employees’ retirement plans.

Rather than an employer needing to coordinate several separate service providers,  bundling makes the entire process easy. Having a trusted Advisor manage all aspects of your 401(k) creation and management ensures you are getting fiduciary advice that is always in your best interest.

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